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Annapurna (Super Auto)

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Seedbank Flash

Annapurna is a new and exciting strain that is a part of the fresh wave of Super Autos that the Flash Seed Bank has introduced.

Originally regarded almost as a novelty, this new generation of autoflowering blends has taken the market by storm providing quick, controlled development with a perfectly balanced palate.

These weed seeds are another great example with elements of both indica and sativa characteristics cleverly counterpointing one another to bring a relaxation and cerebral enervation all at once. As an interesting aside, this carries glorious notes of menthol.

The plant is very impressive, growing to 2.5m outside, and has a heady leaf – bud ratio that will provide something for everyone.

Type: Autoflowering
Height: 1.5-2.5m outdoor
Time to harvest: 90-95 days from seed
Yield: 100-200gr per plant. outdoor