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C99 (Cinderella 99)

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Seedbank Female

The C99 has been hailed as the "Holy Grail" by Bros Grimm and is an extremely productive, potent plant and very stable. Growers often note pre flowers between the age of 4 and 6 weeks. Node 6 is commonly where they start. The scent is very sweet and fruity. Yields are highly dependant on the methods used. Pruning style and number of plants/area make a BIG difference. The scent given off by Cinderella is NOT the typical "pot stench"... not at all skunky - she's sweet and fruity. When you rub the resin you can definitely smell it. C99 is more psychedelic. Several generations of this C99 is selected on the more sativish very psychedelic type, so they might need a week longer than the original C99, but 8 weeks of 12/12 is still very short for such a fruity sativa.