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Rhino Ryder Auto

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If you need cannabis as medicine, this is your strain. It is a hybrid auto-flowering feminized son of Medicine Man, also known as White Rhino, and Ruderalis.

A success of our laboratories to create an easy strain to grow, rapid in their growth process, especially effective to soothe ailments for which it is specified. In short, one of the varieties most suitable for those with cannabis as a prescription.

Your genetics are mixed: indica and sativa, an advantage for patients. The indica phenotypes, provides it properties to relieve chronic pain. For their part, sativa phenotypes contribute to better mental clarity, and helps to combat stress.

As plant is so easy to grow, you will forget that you have it until harvest. Resists pests, drought and does not need large fertilizer. It is best is that don't grow too, reaches a maximum of 100 cm.

Observe this strain is great, as during growth look like it spreads her white and large leaves with its powerful, thick stems. Their cups are small, round and very dense, forming a rock hard tail.

Its production compensates the grower. At about 10 weeks or so is ready for harvest. In addition, you can reach 350 gr per plant. Amazing!

From the fifth week, starts off a skunk aroma characteristic, with sweet flavor nuances, and their buds begin to compact and filled with abundant resin. They look like a really white horns.

It has a very high percentage CBD; 1.2%. Also comes with a 20% THC. This plant is like a medical kit.

A medical level, Rhino Ryder is indicated especially for muscle problems; spasms, fibromyalgia, cramps, and all kinds of problems that cause physical pain. It is also a good ally to go to bed for their calming effect.

Your smoke causes a physical buzz. In the mouth feels the skunk sweet aftertaste, very nice. And gradually the buzz is triggered; a large narcotics and muscle relaxing effect.

A strong, pungent smoke that kills anxiety and stress in a fulminant way.

Certainly a variety can be grown anywhere, easy pleasant, and very useful for your welfare.

Gender: Feminized
Genes: sativa/indica
Genetics: Medicine man x Ruderalis
Flowering: flowered at 12-18 hours photoperiod. 9 weeks from germination
Harvest: up to 1.4 pounds per light 
Harvest: 450-650 g/m2 50-350 g/plant 
Height: up to 40 inches 
Height: 60-100 cm 
THC: 20% 
CBD: 1.2% 
Autoflowering: Yes