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C4 Auto

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This is a cannabis plant resulting from the crossing of several selected strains purple flower. A polihybrid that will be famous for its force upon germination!

We used genetic from Big Bud, Skunk and White Widow in combination with a new variant of Canadian Ruderalis.

The genetics of this plant is worthy of study: the male parent brings a reduction in flowering time, a short internodal distances, and thick plant size under typical characteristic of Indica plants. Meanwhile the female parent has transmitted to a spectacular aroma and tasty.

The result is a strain, of which our R & D lab is more than proud, and that harvest after harvest, leaves surprised to those who venture to its cultivation.

The C4 variety has a growth of only 7 or 8 weeks. During this time we will see how this beauty produces compact flowers with soft green buds and orange pistils gradually become frosty buds.

Growers say that since the second week of flowering, it will appear  visible buds, and quickly will be fatten week after week.

Its high point is in the last two, when the buds are compacted in the center and has a magnificent appearance.

At this point you'll hand rubbing to waiting for its production of no less than 650g / m2. The buds will fatten quickly, and in the final period can observe a plant producing large central buds.

This variety is ideal for both experienced and novice growers looking for high performance and good medium-high power.

Its body makes it very resistant to pests and mold, so it will  thrive in any environment, is valid for growing indoors, outdoors and greenhouse.

This starin no need great care, only the just space and tranquility to generate powerful central braid buds.

Its aroma is sensational. A hint of citrus, bitter and spicy, mixed with pine forest.

The smoke is able to penetrate into your body instantly in a relaxing mode. In a few minutes you will have a sense of wellbeing and a sudden change of mood.

The effects are balanced between the head and body. Primarily include the aftertaste, like a refreshing lemon sorbet in midsummer. The effect can last for two long hours easily.

This strain is very suitable for headaches and migraines, anxiety, stress and muscle aches.

Gender: Feminized
Genes: sativa/indica
Genetics: Big Bud x Skunk x White Widow x Ruderalis
Flowering: flowered at 12-18 hours photoperiod. 8 weeks from germination
Harvest:   up to 1.4 pounds per light 
Harvest:   450-650 g/m2 50-350 g/plant 
Height:   up to 40 inches 
Height:   70 - 100 cm 
THC: 19% 
CBD: 1.1% 
Autoflowering: Yes