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Royal Purple Kush

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Seedbank Emerald Triangle

This a truly compelling example of all that is great about the genetic development of weed seeds in recent years. With the Royal Purple Kush, the Emerald Triangle Seed Bank has pulled together an amazing catalogue of eye-catching characteristics in one package - with its beautiful variegated leafing and chunky, frosted colas, it is really delightful to look at.

As is often the case with Purple variants, you need to reduce the temperature (or feed with cooler water) during the last weeks of flowering to achieve the stunning colour variation though this plant does require preventatives to protect it through this period. The flowering period does represent a significant portion of the growth cycle and, as such, it does not tend to stretch so much beyond that (perhaps 15 – 20%) – as a result, you can really let it veg to bulk up early.

The colas tend to develop in multiple clusters, building in romping towers that are evidence of a really sturdy infrastructure. And one look at the crystal dusting will tell you how empowered these buds are.

Taking a balance of flavours from its parents (sweetness from the Black Afghani; spicy bite from the Bubba Kush), there is an unexpected blend of notes – fruit and pepper, sweet and sharp; one for the gourmand’s palette. These cannabis seeds represent a true aesthete’s passion – you simply need to have these in your library.

Genetics: Black Afghani x Bubba Kush
Indica/Sativa: 85/15
Yield: Medium – High
Harvest: 8-9 weeks/early Oct
Stature: Medium