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Seedbank Dutch Passion

Brainstorm was originally developed as a result of experimental breeding of the very popular strains Haze Original and Northern Lights. Formerly called Hempstar, it became a popular seed when it hit our collection in 1996.

Further experiment s with the strain and a premium clone from the original seed bank back in 2006 brought us this stunning new variety, the Brainstorm feminised seed. If you are looking for a strong, sturdy plant with a reliable yield this may be the one for you - other characteristics include a high flower to leaf ratio, remarkable resin production and compact buds.

With a THC content of between 18 and 20%, you are guaranteed a strong high with a full-bodied flavour teamed with a sweet after taste. Brainstorm is the perfect variety to select clones from and is excellent for bumper harvests.

Flowering period: 7 – 9 weeks
Harvest time outdoor: end of Nov.