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Bulk Smash Auto

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Seedbank Dr Krippling

Is that a plant or a monster? Or is it both? It's an absolute marvel for sure. This is incredibly strong. Incredibly quick. Incredibly bulky. Simply Smashing!

The brilliant genetics of The Incredible Bulk Auto crossed with our Blue Kripple, produces an autoflowering plant that goes on a raging rampage. Like the Incredible Bulk varieties it can withstand extremes in heat and humidity - in fact Bulk Smash's most immense and monstrous attributes are witnessed during the height of summer in a CO2 enriched greenhouse.

Yield Indoor: 280gr - 750gr per m/2

Yield Outdoor: 200 to 800gr per plant

Harvest Indoor from germination: 7 weeks+/-

Harvest Outdoor: 6-10 weeks depending on time of year