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You don’t call your weed seed strain “Rocklock” unless you’re confident that you’ve got a true Berserker on your hands. And the tagline from DNA Seed Bank’s strain - “Go Rocklock and Get Couchlocked” - tells its own story!

Taking two very strong parents – Warlock and Rockstar – was always going to be a recipe for intensity and that’s what you have here. This plant does not mess around – flowering in just 8 weeks, this chunky powerhouse is tailor-made for high-density environments and novices can expect a supportive induction with Rocklock.

And the quality of the output is characteristically forthright – heavy on the Indica, the large, crystal-laden budding produces generous resin levels and it is well regarded for its medicinal stone.

DNA has gone all out to impress with this strain and its originality is infectious. Grab yourself these cannabis seeds for your collection and you’ll have a truly unique experience.

Type: 80% Indica / 20% Sativa
Specifics: Warlock x Rockstar
Indoor Flowering time: 8 weeks
Harvest Date: October
Height: Short/Medium
Yield: Good
THC Content: Good