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60 Day Wonder

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Seedbank DNA Genetics

DNA Genetics have used all their knowledge and skill to create a cannabis seed that is ready in only 60 days!

The 60 Day Wonder is the culmination of decades of experience, making a plant that both offers fantastic turnaround and a high yield. This seed is bred from Williams Wonder and as such has great potential medicinal benefits, as well as a hard hitting smoke. The other half of its parentage is of Ruderalis origins, allowing this plant to grow quickly regardless of light cycles and 24 hour light methods to be employed.

Due to the flexibility in growth cycles, this is a great seed for both the advanced and novice alike. The smoke has sweet fruity notes and is considered by many an excellent addition to cannabis seed collections.

Genetics: Williams Wonder x Ruderalis
90% Indica: 10% Sativa
Flowering Time: 60 days from seed
Yield: 28-40g a plant!