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The Simpson Kush

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Seedbank Delta 9 Labs

The Simpson Kush is a cross between the legendary and finest of the OG Kush lines, the SFV(San Fenando Valley) OG Kush cross with our Fruit of the Gods.  The famous old school woody scent and high from the NL5 Haze in the F.O.G came almost 100% through into the Simpson Kush, expanding the high and yield from the OG Kush, however still allowing for the quick onset high the Kush's are known for. After working with an SFV OG Kush cutting for over 2 years, it became time to increase the yield.  We crossed this legendary OG Kush pheno with our Fruit of the Gods(F.O.G)  The yield increased tremendously perhaps due to the NL5 Haze we previously used making the F.O.G.  The scent has the old school NL5 Haze scent as well.  Virtually the SFV OG Kush was paramount at speeding up the flowering time.