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Brainstorm Haze G13

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Seedbank Delta 9 Labs

This strain started life as our brain storm c pheno. The Brainstorm was a Thai female with a Stargazer male. The pheno that we selected was massive, a huge bushy sativa that put out massive buds. It had however one problem which was that the crystals were really small due to the extreme sativa nature of the strain. This is why we chose to cross it with one of the legendary super strong strains, the G 13 haze. This is the male that Soma got from some of Ed Rosenthal's seeds. It circulated in Amsterdam and we had the good fortune of getting to use it as well. Hit with the Brain Storm haze it created a marvellous off-shoot.

The only issue is that as with most landrace based strains this one takes 14 weeks to finish. That is 98 days which seems like a lot of time but in reality you will be well rewarded with a phenomenal yield.

As far as the medicinal aspects go this strain is one of our strongest, the g-13 aspect of it gives it a powerful creeper stone that is common amongst some of the other g-13 crosses that have popped up in Amsterdam. The Brainstorm side of the plant gives it a rich woody sandalwood flavour, very typical of the south east Asia land races. The G-13 haze also gives it a pungy haze middle taste that bites the tong as you inhale. A really powerful flavour for the haze lover.

Variety Mother: Pure Thai Haze breeding stock
Variety Father: Stargazer (Sensi Star x Warlock x AK-47)
Strain Type: Mostly Sativa