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Sugar Black Rose F1 Fast Version

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Seedbank Delicious

Some of you may be wondering, just what are F1 Fast versions?

Well these varieties were formerly called "The Earlys", which were mostly English regular varieties that were light dependent, and the result of crossing first generation pure ruderalis.

They were introduced to the market 25 years ago but didn't generate too much of a stir, most due to the low quality organoleptic characteristics and low cannabinoids.

Delicious Seeds have given these older varieties a huge kick start, with the stellar genetics at their disposal they have massively improved the F1's in general, especially in regards to the organoleptic features.

These varieties end within 8 weeks and this is what makes them perfect for winter crops or for climates where the normal season temps to get too wet to early.

Genetics: F4 Auto x Sugar Black Rose

Type: Indica Dominant

THC: 25%

Flowering Time: 40 Days

Flavour: Sweet fruit

Production: 500-550g/m2 interior 1000g/planta exterior

Smell: High