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Auto Carpathian Skunk

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Breeders around the world believe the original Skunk # 1 is the benchmark for getting high-yielding fast performance and its unshakable genetics has already affected hundreds of modern hybrids. Auto flowering feminized seeds creation of this classic variety is the obvious choice! Reliable, consistent and powerful gene was crossed with carefully selected grades of cannabis Ruderalis, through was created a reliable, well productive variety Auto Carpathian Skunk fem, which is very easy to grow. Seeds Auto Carpathian Skunk Fem might be ready to harvest in June, even in cold climates, when planted outdoors. Indoors, this variety gives a bountiful harvest of dense inflorescences covered with resin crystals, just seven weeks after the first signs of flowering. Auto Carpathian Skunk Fem produces compact plants that are a little less smaller in height than the original Skunk # 1. The effect of using this grade combines a clear cerebral maximum with a powerful body relaxing effect. Its recognizable smell is sweet, spicy and delicious!

Genetics: Mostly Sativa

Origin: Skunk #1

Strain Height: 40 - 80 cm

Average Yield: 40 - 100 gr

Flowering Time: 55 days