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Auto Black Tisa

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Auto Black Tisa - it’s long-flowering and high yield sort. The plant grows quite high and unpredictable in width. In the open field reaches 120 cm, in the closed place — 100 cm. Auto Black Tisa blooms for a long time, up to 80 days, but the result is worth the expectations. After all, you get a plant with large, dense and resinous buds dotted with crystals. Grade has an average scent during flowering that smells a little bit like spices. Its yield varies from 30 to 150 g., it depends on the proper care. The higher care — the better result. The taste is sweet, saturated, with an aftertaste. The effect is physically relaxing with activating the flow of thoughts. Auto Black Tisa has health properties to heal insomnia and disorders of the nervous system. And also has a positive effect on appetite. Recommended for cultivation, both in the open field and in greenhouses. Sort fits to more experienced gardeners, but also will teach the beginner a lot.

Genetics: Indica x Sativa x Ruderalis

Origin: Auto Northen Light x Auto Haze

Average Yield: 35 - 50 gr

Flowering Time: 70 days