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Seedbank Cali Connection

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As you’ll already know, the Cali Connection are well placed to make the best decisions on matters of West Coast genetics – particularly in the development of marijuana seeds. These artisans of the California growing scene are protectors of their heritage whilst also developing and improving with scientific precision.

Not surprisingly, therefore, the Blackwater, is top class. Taking their favourite OG Kush and moving it on with the best of modern genetic tech, they’ve coupled it with some Mendo Purps for some highly colourful output.

Startlingly eye-catching, you’ve essentially got a more beautiful OG Kush - massively over-developed bud clusters, clambering all over each other in a dense, sticky, crystal sea that rattles up some serious impact and with the Sativa high on the agenda, you can rely on a glorious cerebral stone. Grab these marijuana seeds for your collection and you won’t regret it – they’re a different class.

Awards: 1st place, 2004 High Times Cannabis Cup Breeding: Haze 80% Sativa / 20% Indica Minimum yield: 15-20 grams Flowering: 12-13 weeks