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Widow Bomb

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Seedbank Bomb

Bomb Seeds have worked to marry their trademark Bomb genetics with a variety of the classic strains in the Industry and with these Widow Bomb cannabis seeds, they have taken on one of the true titans.

The White Widow is, of course, well known, for its large, sticky, crystallised buds – dense and thick with the dusty coating that gives it its name. The Widow Bomb takes this and allies it with a much more compact plant – making those diamond clusters even denser; all heavy with trichomes like a bush in a snowstorm. This compact ruggedness makes it a much hardier grower; less susceptible to temperature, mould and fungus.

Furthermore, the density means the Widow Bomb has a bigger yield without losing anything in the way of THC (far from it!). Where the White Widow was led, the Widow Bomb has picked up the torch and pushes onwards – a sensational weed seed that demands to be in your collection.

Type: Indica/Sativa Mix
Plant height: 90-140cm
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor/Outdoor
Indoor Flowering: 8-10 Weeks
Harvest Outdoor: Sep-Oct
THC: 20-25%
Yield: 450-550g/m2
Stoned/High: Strong, all round buzz