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Mothers Milk

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Seedbank Bodhi

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This is a truly beautiful hybrid of Nepali OG (same mother as Goji OG) crossed to the now retired Appalachia male (green crack x Tres Dawg). The amazing thing about this cross is that many of the phenos have an aroma of powdered milk, some with very delicate fruit accents like the smell of candy hearts, but an undeniable head of sweet powdery milk. The predominant milk smell is so different and unique I named it Mothers Milk, it has some of the highest bag appeal of any strain I run, and a potency that will cut through the fog of other strains like butter, with a heavy yield for an OG hybrid. This is a very feminine and sublime strain don't expect in your face lemon Pinesol on this one, although with some digging there are pure OG phenos to be had, the magic with this momma is in the unique expression of her genes.

Genetics: Nepali OG x Appalachia
Flowering time: 9 weeks
Height: medium
Characteristics: Milky mounds of motherly love