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Lando's Stash

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Seedbank Bodhi

Star Wars bounty hunter stash remix: this is a genetic remix of Bodhi Jabba's Stash strain (Bubba kush x Snowlotus), using the Suge Pure kush as the mother. The Suge Pure kush is very similar to Bubba kush, La affy, and Socal Master, most likely a close relative. Considered the hardest hitting and richest of the broad leaf Cali kushes, with a warm spicy exotic aroma and deep full spectrum effects that will warp space and get the party started at the intergalactic cantina every time.. Limited edition. 9 weeks from clone

Genetics: Suge Pure kush x Snow Lotus

THC Content: High

Plant Height: Medium

Flowering Time: 9 weeks

Taste / Flavour: Flowery, Spicy / Herbal