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Auto 4:20

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Seedbank Biohazard

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Auto 4:20 is one of the biggest and most productive Autoflowering strains, robust and easy to cultivate. It comes from two of the biggest auto-flowering strains on the market until now, Deimos x Mazar, both powerful and abundant of resin. It is a reliable production of high quality cannabis in all ways of cultivation: Earth, Coco, Aero or Hydro systems. Large in size, such growth is noted to be as wide as it is tall. It is very compact and robust, and is high in foliage with dark green leaves. Her taste is sweet on the entrance and acidic at the end. Her effect is relaxing and pleasurable. She has unique characteristics, and is also indicated to palliate the effects of some diseases. Its a plant that gives back what you give to it: if you want big plants then use big pots or cultivate in hydro or aero-ponic systems. If you prefer your plants to be unnoticed, use small plants and lighting with low watts.

Genetics: Deimos X Auto Mazar

Genotype: Indica Hybrid

Height: 60-150cm

Growing time: 3-4 weeks

Flowering time: 45-55 days indoors

From germination until harvest: 75 days

Mould Resistance: Normal

Yield: 50-150g/plant

Smell: Perfume Afghan hash

Taste: Sweet with a touch of honey

Effect: Soothing and relaxing. Ideal for 4:20

THC: 10-15%