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Bubblehead #13

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Seedbank Big Head

For this strain we concentrated on searching for a bubblegum pheno that was as close to the distinctive taste of old school gum and after much experimentation we found it in our 13th test subject. Once we were satisfied we selectively bred it with our ultra frosty White Knuckle SC to enhance crystal production and then our BigHead #1 to promote even more weight at harvest time.

Bubblehead #13 produces an abundance of granite-hard buds on side branches that flank a spectacular dominant single kola - a typical characteristic of the BigHead influence within the strain. It also displays superior root growth, making for excellent foundations and great nutrient uptake.

The White Widow element really enhances the syrupy gum flavour and the resulting hybrid consistently produces huge yields of this mouth watering Double-Bubblegum flavour from magnificent buds that are saturated with THC.

Bubblehead #13 induces a well balanced, high that starts out clear and euphoric, gently sliding into a heavy, trance-like sedative stone, stimulating appetite and creativity as well as being therapeutically relaxing.

Type: Indica/Sativa
Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
THC: High 15-20%
Yield: High 450-500g
Flowering: 10-11 weeks
Harvest: Sept-Oct
High: Narcotic. Sensual. Even head/body