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Seedbank Big Buddha

The Big Buddha Cheese is a very unique strain which provides a sensory experience. The Big Buddha Cheese finds its parenthood in the male Afghani and female Cheese.

The taste is very appealing with fruity and fresh notes. The Cheese also boasts a unique smell which is pungent and reminiscent of old Skool aromas, hence its name!

Growers can expect 7-9 weeks flowering time indoors for the great Cheese seeds. Outdoor growers can expect to have great results by the end of October/start of November

These seeds are not to be missed for those looking for a strong smelling, strong tasting strain!

Strain type: Sativa/ Indica Hybrid
Parents: Afghani (male) X Cheese (female)
Growing Info: Indoors: Flowering time 7-9 weeks
Outdoors: End of Oct. start of Nov.
Sensory Experience: Very uplifting High, No Ceiling, Clear, Long-lasting.
Smell: unique, pungent, old Skool aroma
Taste: very appealing, fruity, fresh
Yield: Indoors: average of 250- 400g per square metre (with 600w dependant on grower, environment)
Outdoors: 200- 450g per plant end of October, beginning of November