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Buddha Tahoe

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Seedbank Big Buddha

OG Kush (Tahoe cut) AKA Tahoe OG 'Reversed'

Winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup 2011
3rd Place Overall Winner
OG Kush (Tahoe cut) AKA Tahoe OG Reversed

In Big Buddha Seeds' extensive research into the world of American Kush strains, we are pleased to introduce the 'Buddha Tahoe'. The Tahoe OG Kush cutting was acquired from California via our European associates. The Tahoe OG Kush was chosen because of its extremely potent, strong, sharp taste synonymous with the many Kush varieties available in the United States today. Our 'Buddha Tahoe' feminised seed is a great representation of the 'new wave' of kush strains.

With its magnificent lush growth the 'Buddha Tahoe' finishes with extremely potent buds, a unique lemon zest, kushy hash flavour and a 'high' which is truly why it became a Cannabis Cup winning strain & out of this world!

The 'Buddha Tahoe' truly is the "Godfather" of strains.

Genetics: OG Kush Tahoe cut (Reversed)
Type: 100% Indica
Flowering time: Indoors 8.5-9 weeks / Outdoors End of October
Sensory experience: Super strong, the Don Corleone of highs!
Smell: Real USA high grade Kush, unique dankness.
Taste: Sublime lemon, sharp kush hash taste.