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Seedbank Big Buddha

Big Buddha Seeds dedication to the development of auto-flowering strains has been unwavering, looking to take blend both intense flavour and aroma to a greater stability and yield potential. As will all the great seed banks, these pioneers into advance genetics have, time and again, created fresh generations of amazing plants. The Big Buddha Automatic is definitely a show-stopper in this regard.

Designed to take the growth simplicity to a new level, these marijuana seeds are truly breath-taking in the power and strength they exude whilst outstripping the taste of the finest artisan hybrids. On top of these factors, the vitality results in outstandingly low-maintenance growers – a fact only emphasised by the cloning techniques that have created a dense branch structure on a shortened plant. There’s no doubt that, in the words of Big Buddha, therse really are “throw and grow” seeds!

Parents: Northern Lights x Mexican Ruderalis x Bonkers Male
Flowering time: start to finish 8 - 10 weeks from seed
Genetics: 20% Ruderalis 30% Sativa 50% Indica
Sensory experience: surprisingly pleasant high
Smell: floral lavender incense
Taste: Sweet candy tart goodness