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Violator Kush

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Seedbank Barney's Farm

The lineage of Violator Kush is a heady brew, taking a Hindu Kush and crossing it with Malana (originated in the Malana Nala, which is a valley in the Parvai region).

The Violator Kush strain is mainly indica and is renowned for its quality cannabis, high THC levels and good yield. The plants are short and bushy with well-developed side branches and this strain is easy to grow and can cope well with mild stresses such as disease and pests.

The plants have large green leaves and they produce buds of such a density that tying or staking will be necessary. The sticky buds are noticeably covered in trichomes, leaving them glistening. Violator Kush has an earthy, musty aroma and flavour.

Type: Indica
Genetics: Malana. Hindu Kush
Yield: Optimum indoor. 450 gr/m2
Indoor Height: 45-55 cm
Indoor flowering time: 55 to 65 days
Outdoor harvest time: End of September
THC: 22% CBD: 1.5%