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Pineapple Express Automatic

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Seedbank Barney's Farm

This cannabis seed will make a great addition to anyone’s collection.

It produces a relatively small plant (40 to 50cm), featuring a single but firm cola and due to the pedigree of the breed and selection techniques at Barney’s Farm, the THC crystals are clearly visible.

Experienced collectors will truly appreciate the complexities of this strain’s genetic makeup, which is renowned for producing consistently high quality results.

This strain produces a smoke filled with delicate sweet notes and a floral fragrance, taking the user to a new level of relaxation, reminiscent of chilling out on the beach with a fruity cocktail. Due to its indica dominance this strain offers a long lasting high, while maintaining a finely tuned balance of upbeat and relaxing notes.

Genetics: Ruderalis x Skunk #1 x Cheese
Yield: 15 - 20 gr
Height: 40 - 50 cm
Flowering time: Autoflowering
Harvest time: Autoflowering
THC: 12 - 15%
CBD: High