Dr Grinspoon

Dr Grinspoon

Barney's Farm


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This cannabis seed takes its name from the esteemed cannabis activist Dr Lester Grinspoon, whose medical research has formed a foundation for many advocates.

This seed is pure heirloom Satvia giving a more cerebral high than many Indica blends. The smoke generated from this tall and thin plant has citrus and tropical notes with Sumac undertones. This seed requires a longer for it to flower than many seeds of this type. This seed is recommended for anyone who considers themselves to be a connoisseur of cannabis seeds.

Type: Sativa
Genetics: Heirloom Genetics
Flowering time: 90-100 days
Harvest time: Mid November
Height: Grows tall
Yield: 350gr/m2
THC: 25%
CBD: 0.4%

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