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Seedbank Alphakronik Genes

Organic Seeds (Open Air Pollination) Type : Indica/Sativa Hybrid (40/60) Flowering : Photoperiod Genetics : 707 Headband x Spacequeen F2 Flowering Time : 60-70 Days Indoors Outdoor Harvest : October Height : 1.75 – 2.0x Stretch THC Level : Medium-High Characteristics: “lollipop” growth style, long branching, needs support. Gains weight the last two weeks the most during flower The second of the three dogs that the Russian’s sent to space, Belka is sure to send you to the moon. Alphakronik Genes’ Belka was created to make the 707 Headband available to the public after many years of being held by private collectors only. Extremely Stretchy and full of diesel funk, 707 Headband is one of the United States West Coasts’ most prized varieties. AKG combined the 707 and Spacequeen to create a hybrid that is a heavy yielder of super stinky “cola” style flowers.