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Green Haze x Thai

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Seedbank ACE

Green Haze x Meao Thai. F1 hybrid.

The best Green Haze, selected for its excellent balance among the best Colombia-Thai expressions of the Haze line, has been pollinated by a selected Meao Thai male.

An authentic rarity to be enjoyed by the Thai Haze lovers.

Bushy Sativa, more compact and manageable than other Tropical Sativa x Meao Thai hybrids.

Incensey with old wood notes. Old school sativa flavor.

Very mental, psychedelic and introspective, with no tolerance limits.

Especially recommended for outdoor growing in tropical and subtropical climates.

100% sativa
Flowering indoors: 16-18 weeks
Flowering outdoors: End of December
Yield/m2: Medium
Resistance against spider mite: Medium
Resistance against Powdery Mildew: Medium
Resistance against botrytis: Very High
Resistance against cold: Medium