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Golden Tiger

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Seedbank ACE

Golden Tiger cannabis seeds are totally sativia, as they are bred from two highly prized landrace Thai satvia strains. The plant produced is known for its vigour, floral traits and its potency. Characterised by small leaves between very dense buds, this plant produces numerous large trichomes laden with cannabinoids. Suitable for SOG style growth (no topping required) and traditional outdoor growth techniques. This seed represents an alternative from the usual Satvia Haze and is sure to delight any experienced collector of cannabis seeds.

100% sativa
Flowering indoors: 14 weeks
Flowering outdoors: 2nd-3rd week of November.
Yield/m2: Medium-High
Resistance against spider mite: Medium
Resistance against Powdery Mildew: Medium
Resistance against botrytis: High
Resistance against cold: Medium