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Seedbank 7 Dwarfs

Maintaining their obsession with marrying significant output with classic experience and flavour, the Colossus marijuana seeds show the 7 Dwarfs Seed Bank pulling out all the stops.

The Maxi Gom is well known for its Big Bud characteristics – a real monster, by any standards – and with Colossus, this Daddy has been blended with the Lowryder #2 to set the benchmark for autoflowering dwarfs.

Whilst a little taller than the rest of the 7 Dwarfs repertoire, this is still definitely in the right ball-park with an amazing yield-to-height ratio. The colas are substantial articles and, for those with an eye for these things, the work of this Seed Bank is extremely interesting.

They generate a very pleasing pineapple aroma and the tropical vibe continues with a really exotic taste. However, it’s all about the maths with this squat giant – grab yourself these cannabis seeds to experience the cutting edge of dwarf genetics.

Sex: 100% Female
Type: Autoflowering Dwarf - Indica, Sativa & Ruderalis
Flowering period: 9 weeks from seed
Yield: 55 grams plus per plant
Height: Medium
Area: Indoor & Outdoor
Genetics: Lowryder #2 x Maxi Gom
Characteristics: Huge yields on a single cola