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(Note the photo above is not the garden in question but rather just a breathtaking garden.)

Chelsea Flower Show has been the premier gardening event in the UK for well over a millennia now, however, it’s never exactly been an event that attracts controversy. This all changed this week when former host of Gardener’s World, Toby Buckland, tweeted out a photograph of the show garden, highlighting the interesting looking ‘ivy’ and captioning the photo by saying, “Not seen ‘ivy’ like this since my early twenties lol,” which is essentially Buckland’s way of claiming that the garden contains cannabis plants. 

Monty Don, current Gardener’s World’s current patriarch and overlord of Chelsea Flower Show, was quick to dispute claims, joking that Buckland’s Devon upbringing meant he’d ‘never seen nor smoked it’ before saying that the same sentiment probably applied to fine ivy plants as well. Anticipating a war between the two titans of the floral world, many were quick to take sides, with tension and stakes rising rapidly. Don was soon fighting a war on two fronts, after Flower Show goers claimed to have seen him smoking ‘funny smelling cigarettes’ and ‘looking a bit pale’ now these claims seem a bit much, for starters it seems unlikely Don smokes cigarettes let alone marijuana and even if he were there's nothing wrong with that, also the sheer amount of booze consumed post-Flower Show could attribute to Don looking a bit pale and off.

After much a buzz on social media the Royal Horticultural Society announced that, while they weren’t completely averse to the idea of cannabis/hemp plants, they announced that because marijuana was still largely illegal, some sort of test would be performed on all plants to ensure they were not any form of cannabis or contained any form of THC.

Many have questioned how a plant's THC content would affect the competition at all, and some have suggested that bud cropped from said plants could be used to bribe or possibly even ‘spike’ judges. Both seem ludicrous to me, but only time will tell where this bizarre story goes.

August 26, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

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