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With the recent increase in calls by MPs for the legalization marijuana, it appears that Britain may be following in the footsteps of America in terms of the legalization of marijuana. However there is one difference between the two countries, and that is the NHS, the free public healthcare service in Britain, the likes of which do not exist in America. Obviously, this raises the main point that if medical marijuana were to be given the go ahead in Britain, there is a great likelihood that it could be free.

While I’m sure many would see the benefit of introducing a ‘pot tax’ of sorts, if it were only to be legalized in the medical sense, it would be nearly impossible to impose tax upon the substance itself meaning that many high ranking MPs are less likely to vote in favor of legalization in a free medical sense.

Imagine if you will what it would be like to receive free medical cannabis, how brilliant would that be? Obviously, the answer would be something from ‘great’ to ‘amazing’ and I’d possibly even say it would be almost too good to be true. It is likely that the criteria one would have to meet to qualify for medical marijuana on the NHS would probably be very strict.

So overall it is likely that NHS medical marijuana would be somewhat exclusive and hard to get, meaning those just wanting a smoke would likely be out of luck.

September 19, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

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