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Feeling down? Maybe have some marijuana, obviously, marijuana will not sort out your problems for you, but it may help with calming your nerves and allowing you to deal with your problems in a more objective and pragmatic way. Feeling down is a problem that generally affects everyone, it can range from serious to just a passing feeling that you can be rid of in a day, however, occasionally it can overrule everything you’re doing and prevent you from going about daily life. These kind of feelings are the ones that make you not want to go into work or make you not want to do anything at all, so yeah they can be pretty bad sometimes.

Obviously, everyone will have their own ways of dealing with problems and I’m not suggesting that everyone should smoke away their problems, but for those who smoke weed anyway, a small joint or couple of tokes in the morning to help ease you into the day is a great way to start, trust me.

At the end of the day, or start of, or whenever, weed can help you cope with your problems and help level your head enough so that you don’t essentially fuck a lot of things up in an attempt to deal with your problems. However, if you are prone to excessive paranoia, marijuana may exaggerate this, so it’s essential that you are perhaps in a calming environment surrounded by comforting things.

October 04, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

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