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After Channel 4 announced it’s acquisition of modern British institution The Great British Bake Off, many of the rats jumped ship and decided not to sail on towards Channel 4, perhaps predicting the show's demise. However the captain has stayed on board the ship, Paul Hollywood has stood firm and stayed on board. I mean ‘rats’ in metaphor only, I am not suggesting Mary Berry,  Mel Giedroyc, and Sue Perkins are vermin. Many have forewarned that the lack of Berry, in particular, will spell doom for the Great British Bake Off, however Hollywood and his new homeowners Channel 4 are never ones to crack under pressure and have reacted to the cast members deserting with a classic Channel 4 tactic of diversifying and rebranding the show for a new audience.

Whilst the title was originally considered to be non-negotiable, that has now changed, as the show has been renamed The Wake ‘N’ Bake Off, to show it is no longer for the older generation and is accepting and liberal ready for a new generation of TV watchers. In a shock move, the show will now move to a morning slot of 9AM on Saturday morning, perhaps for the sake of being experimental and a bit unusual, to be in keeping with the show's new title.

The show will also include heavy reference to marijuana, with dishes being judged on their ability to satisfy ‘the munchie’ and also the dishes level of difficulty to cook while stoned. Also to replace Berry, Channel 4 have hired American country singer and stoner icon Willie Nelson as a judge to represent one of the programs new core themes (the other baking, not the literal baking) perhaps influenced by how Yank Matt Leblanc was the most recent iteration of Top Gear’s saving grace. To replace Mel and Sue come Blue Peter icon, Konnie Huq and Fearne Cotton, a somewhat idyllic twosome which many anticipate to perhaps be the show’s major draw aside from the obvious weed.

September 23, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

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