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I’ll start this off by saying if you haven’t seen the hilarious video of Dover’s Mayor Neil Rix snorting what is surely a line of cocaine off a toilet cistern then I urge you to stop reading this now as this post does take place after the events shown in that video and therefore will include spoilers.

The video is naturally filmed by a shaky hand with the quality of a phone camera from about a decade ago, and the majority of the video is spent pointed at the rolls and folds on the back of the mayor’s bald head. While this is no doubt a highlight, it’s likely not all you wanted to see, and it does get better. You not only see Rix’s face but you also get to see him roll up a note and sniff the line, yet Neil Rix still has the gall to say that the line could’ve been ‘sherbet’ and then follow this up by making a claim about being anti-drugs. The majority of Britain would refer to techniques like this employed by politicians as ‘talking bollocks’ or ‘chatting shit’ as even if it were sherbert the principle remains the same. You don’t snort sherbet intentionally, you snort cocaine intentionally and would probably only snort sherbet if you’d been ripped off by a dealer trying to pass the sweet powder off as cocaine. This is not the first time a politician has been found amidst a cocaine scandal, but I can’t help but wonder what would happen if they were caught smoking a joint, you know like Prince Harry. For starters it generally looks a lot nicer than sniffing coke.

Ok, might have got a little carried away there, the point I’m attempting to get at (but not reaching at all) is that politicians are people, like you and me, they like to partake in certain vices in their spare time, essentially some of them will take drugs and some will probably smoke weed. After a quick Google search, I find that there are a number of politicians who have admitted to smoking weed. Among them are Nicola Sturgeon the First Minister for Scotland and Boris Johnson the Foreign Secretary. However Johnson has not publicly supported marijuana, yet he could probably use it as an excuse for some of the ridiculous claims he makes, whereas Sturgeon has been vocal in support of its medical usage. Which makes you wonder, why are many top tier politicians so against discussing marijuana in a serious way? They mention it, make claims about it but no one makes a big push for legalization and decriminalization.

August 31, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

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