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Yesterday the slap-dash politics of Owen Smith reached somewhat of a milestone when he formally accused the Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn of wanting to split the party through a selection of dossiers branding Corbyn as a ‘disunity’ candidate. This blew back in Smith’s face somewhat as in a debate last night a member of the audience accused Smith himself of trying to split the party into two factions.

However this morning apparently Smith has taken steps to heal the open wounds between himself and Corbyn, by allegedly texting the Labour leader, propositioning that they smoke a joint together and iron things out. An insider claims the text from Smith simply read ‘U chilling for a spliff?’ which shocked Mr Corbyn as there was no pretext whatsoever and was 'completely out of the blue’ or perhaps more fittingly out of the red.

Sources say the text was sent to at least three other members or former members of the party, including Keith Vaz and Ken Livingstone.

A source close to Smith claims, “he is eager to mend the divide in the party, not just his ‘fallout’ with Mr Corbyn but he is also eager to ‘set the record straight’ with estranged politicians Keith Vaz and Ken Livingstone and Mr Jones considers smoking weed a bit more social and more private than a few beers down the pub.”

At this point, it is uncertain what response Smith has received from his text or whether any of the politicians involved have used marijuana in any form prior to this.

September 09, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

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