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Having already written posts about the best films and best British comedies, I was stuck for what to write for today, that was until I remembered that I actually watch a lot more animated television than anything else. Graduating from child's cartoons to more adult cartoons over the years, i’ve never lost my love for animated television as an art form because of it’s essentially unlimited potential in terms of story telling ability and the fact they’re perhaps a bit more bizarre and funnier than standard live-action television (real people). I find that anything with the attributes of artistic value, humor and strangeness are the appreciated possibly even more than normal when you’re stoned. Now I will try and avoid the classics like The Simpsons in favor of newer and therefore lesser known comedies (not unknown) which I am currently enjoying.


A relative newcomer, Archer began airing in late 2009 and quickly became one of my favourite series (though not in 2009) after I started watching it. With seven series and around eighty episodes it is great for binge watching. Archer combines my love for classic spy films with a strange blend of humor that hits me in exactly the right place.

Rick and Morty

While Rick and Morty only has two seasons out, at present, it is no doubt brilliant in a similar way to Archer however instead of the spy genre it mixes science fiction with great comedy. Displaying out there concepts through the focalizer of a child on a number of adventures with his alcoholic uncle across dimensions and occasionally inside homeless people.

Bob’s Burgers

Bob’s Burgers showcases what should be the mundane life of a humble burger shop owner and his family. Presenting the mundane as bizarre and the strange as average, Bob’s Burgers acts as somewhat of a spiritual successor to The Simpsons, showing the everyday antics of a nuclear family.


I couldn’t not include this, in my eyes, this is the greatest animated comedy, surpassing even The Simpsons. Having been canceled twice, you’d be fooled into thinking Futurama was bad however it now has somewhat of a cult following due to its blend of science fiction and humor.

September 01, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

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