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With a wealth of posts and articles pertaining to things you actually do while stoned or more likely things people claim they’ve done whilst stoned it made me consider the things you don’t do whilst you’re stoned. Obviously, this extends to a hell of a lot of things, for instance, you generally tend not to go out at night dressed in an animal themed costume to fight crime whilst you’re stoned, however, there are many things you don’t do which are far more reasonable and understandable.

I'll note that perhaps 'Things I don't do whilst stoned' may have been a more apt title for this post, as I'm not really aware if anyone else does any of these things or has experienced anything of the sort but I will try being as relatable as possible if possible.

When I’m really stoned I tend to not really like going to really loud places full of people, generally nightclubs, as they disorient me slightly, or perhaps they don’t but the idea that they do (based upon a single bad night out) makes me not want to go to them. However when I’m only slightly stoned I tend to get coaxed into going to them, and I would be willing to think it’s the idea that I have to be convinced that makes me not enjoy them as opposed to the weed.

When I’m stoned I tend to prefer watching series as opposed to films, however, I am willing to watch animated films at less serious films at times. I never watch serious films whilst stoned, as I find I am more susceptible to emotional gut punches which you receive from intense and/or serious films and often times find myself thinking a tad too deeply for what I like. For instance, the first (and last time) I watched Mr Nobody I was stoned and after about half an hour my mind melted into a dark area of thought which means I’ve never wanted to watch it again. On the positive side I can’t remember much of what I saw of Mr Nobody nor do I find it particularly unsettling to look back upon, the only thing I can remember is how uncomfortable old Jared Leto was to look at, that's too many liver spots and wrinkles for any brain to hack.

September 07, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

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