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For many years the small Northumberland village of Wylin has enjoyed a healthy supply of tourism, outranking all of the villages in the area in this department. This is with good reason, this small village benefits from a bizarre loophole in the law wherein marijuana is completely legal, alongside any other drugs which occur naturally.

This bizarre loophole stems from the fact that Wylin was originally thought to have sat at the exact centre of Britain (though this has since been disputed) and therefore receives exemption from certain stipulations of the law. This law of unwavering isolation from certain laws was introduced by Henry VIII and only applies to what he presumed was the centre of Britain. Also, Henry decreed that this law could only be overturned by a King, which we haven’t had since George VI died in 1952.

When we headed down to investigate, we found the town to be quiet and quaint as you’d expect from a village, it wasn’t until I saw a young couple walking past smoking an odd smelling cigarette that I could tell anything was different from a standard village.

I stopped and asked to two about what they were doing here and about the weed loophole and the young man said, “We first came here after a mate of ours recommended it, we were probably around 20 or 21 at the time and it was just so… weird.”

His partner goes on to say, “We didn’t come back for a number of years due to work but when Francis and I had made enough money, we decided to buy a little summer house here and have been returning each summer for the weed and the great people and atmosphere.”

The village was somewhat picturesque, with cobbled streets lined with thatched houses and the odd pub, bar and restaurant littered amongst the rolling hills which sat beyond the little place.

While everyone I met was friendly, almost everyone declined to comment, perhaps to preserve the relative anonymity of this wondrous place. I felt like a mere mortal visiting paradise, I was forbidden from even taking photos of people and whilst this made the article harder to write I completely understood why and the secrecy kind of excited me.

September 16, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

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