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It has long been theorised that smoking marijuana and taking drugs in excess makes you cooler, the idea of living a ‘rockstar’ lifestyle pertains to this idea after all. However until now it has never officially been proven, a study by the London Institute for Sexual Attraction (LISA) suggests that smoking Marijuana makes you more attractive to the opposite sex or even same sex in some cases. By performing a longitudinal study in the greater London, LISA were able to gather certifiable results based on over a hundred test subjects spanning all genders and races.

A spokesperson from LISA stated, “The most interesting finding was that the effect which marijuana smoking had on others, I think everyone was shocked to find that it adapted depending on someone’s sexual orientation, which opens a myriad of doors for further study.”

The study originally started small, however, after a high volume of applicants in such a small period of team, lead scientist Gary Milner decided to expand the study in terms of both the number of subjects and the length of the study. The study ended up lasting just over a year, rotating between groups of test subjects and spanning all seasons to ensure that external stimuli didn’t affect the study in a way or add bias.

Doctor Milner put me in contact with one of the male test subjects, who stated his disbelief in the results of the experiment, exclaiming, “I’m still in a sort of shock I think, I’ve smoked dope for years, but mainly indoors so I never realised that it would help me pull.” The man, who shall remain anonymous, went on to explain how he’d met a multitude of new people during the study and had really ‘come out of his shell’ which had led to him being invited to parties, adding, “This study was the spark that reignited my dormant social life.”

For more information visit LISA’s website, which helps outline the methods used and the general scientific elements considered and included in the study which I don’t fully understand or can’t put into words. In the coming weeks and months, you will probably see this story gain more exposure so I’m sure it won’t go anywhere anytime soon.

August 12, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

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