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When you first begin smoking weed, or even at any point in your stoner career really, it can be really difficult to spot other people who smoke the herb, unless of course, they’ve got a fat joint in their hands when you meet them. Especially in England, where smoking weed is more of a secret thing and less of a mainstream thing like in America, you can be unsure when and where it is acceptable to not only smoke a joint but also to mention to people that you smoke weed. It is not uncommon for non-smokers to judge you and form assumptions about you based only on the fact that you smoke weed, therefore it is handy to be able to spot a smoker in the wild.

I found whilst I was at college, the easiest way to find fellow stoners was to find people who smoked, because even if they don’t smoke weed, they will not particularly look down upon you for doing it.

Also around English city and town centres you will often catch a small wiff of marijuana which will lead you, like Scooby Doo, round corners until you find the source.

Parties are obviously the best and easiest places to find fellow stoners, it’s not really a good party if no one at all is smoking weed. No only that but it’s also unlikely that no one will be smoking after everything is over.

Overall it is difficult to summarize what exactly a stoner looks like without stereotyping hugely, however it is sort of likely that the one white guy with dreadlocks and a bit of a beard is probably a stoner. Also, those emblazoned with CND symbols and draped in red, yellow and green are also shoe-ins.

So, all in all be alert for smells and sights as you find people to roll up with.

September 08, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

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