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For those living in Britain, today marks a special event known as a bank holiday which, other than Christmas, Boxing Day, Easter etc, always fall on a Monday. This is great because it means a long weekend. For me I generally loathe Sunday’s as I know it's back to life and back to reality on the following day, however even though the same applies  for a bank holiday Monday it really feels a lot more relaxed, you feel appreciative, as if you’re relaxing on borrowed time which helps to ease you into the week. If like many, you work a job wherein you can’t really justify smoking weed before it or you consistently have stone overs from Sunday every Monday morning, bank holidays are a great time to chill out all day and make sure you’re well rested for the following day. And what better way to relax than with a couple of joints?

I generally find that a ‘wake n bake’ is a great way to start your day right, it wakes you up in a relaxing way, making it great for setting the tone on a relaxing bank holiday Monday of lying around and relaxing in preparation for the week ahead. Following this, providing you have no prior arrangements doing the things people do on bank holidays, you can relax in front of the TV and watch whatever special scheduling each channel likely has.

To make the TV more enjoyable you may as well smoke a joint or two alongside it. For instance, for a real nostalgia kick, I believe one channel is running a Pokemon movie marathon which I will probably be watching, but for those who aren't enticed by the thought of that, I’m sure there’s plenty of other things.

August 29, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

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