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In all honesty, marijuana is known to dull your senses quite a lot, while it will boost and encourage your creativity, it isn’t too ideal for everyday problems and inconveniences. Now let’s consider that a number of problems come your way on a day which you’ve started with a ‘wake ‘n’ bake’, this can be problematic at the time but is generally pretty funny in hindsight.

Ok, to set the scene, you’ve just put the spliff end out and you get a text from your significant other reminding you that the cat needs feeding, one problem, where is the cat? You swear you saw it earlier this morning,but where is the feline fatale now? The tip here is to stay cool as a cucumber, remember to find a cat you will have to think like a cat, cats like food, warmth, probably sweaters and attention. Bearing this in mind it is entirely possible that the cat is lying on the sofa next to you, if not it would be wise to check near the cat’s food, litter tray and all places where it can lay down and rest. After you’ve done all these things you’ll almost certainly be reunited with your cat companion, if not just give up and let your cat get on with its new life as an independent, non-domesticated animal.

Ok now that you’ve found/relinquished ownership of your cat, you have another problem, you’re hungry. To make matters worse you have nothing in your fridge or cupboards which is remotely appetising to you. So you go to the shops, and the real problem here is not the actual buying of food, it’s not buying absolutely ridiculous kinds of food, for instance avoid buying excess amounts of crisps and sweets to satiate your stoned cravings, and try and actually find something slightly nutritious, in this situation the best bet is to probably buy a meal deal. However, avoid posting a picture of it on Facebook group ‘Meal Deal Talk’ as you will almost definitely be insulted by ‘internet people’ and you don’t really want to deal with that.

Now I’m sure you will face a multitude of other problems, however, some such as things that include driving just aren’t doable, they’re dangerous and can give you mass amounts of unnecessary stress. This does give you the chance to walk, that thing that’s widely considered the healthy alternative to driving, which can be nice and relaxing. So by avoiding this problem and finding an alternative, you have definitely solved it.

August 16, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

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