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I think we can all agree things have been a bit chaotic in the last few days after Britain voted 52-48 in favour of leaving the European Union. Almost immediately the country started suffering what can only be described as collective panic attack. The Prime Minister is resigning, the head of the opposition of under immense pressure to resign, and everything looks like it’s in the air.

If the economical woes that have been foreseen by the Remain campaign come to pass, that means the UK might need to start positioning itself as a leader in some new industries. It might also mean we need some more taxpayer money to fund things that were previously funded by the EU. What better way than for poorer communities that may be effected more than most by leaving the European Union than legalising cannabis and becoming a world leader in it’s production in the Eastern hemisphere.

If there was ever a time we most sorely needed the legalisation of cannabis in the UK, it is now. There are, as I’m sure you know, a great many reasons to want to legalise the sale, possession and cultivation of cannabis in the UK. It will greatly free up our police forces who are already under intensely stretched budgets. It will allow tax to be taken on the sale and production of cannabis, something that states like Colorado are already putting to good use by funding school drug programs and padding out the treasury’s coffers.

The unfortunate side effect of all this political chaos, is that the time when it is perhaps needed most, is the time it will be hardest to get people to listen about cannabis legalisation. It’s fair to say that it’s never been at the top of any politician’s agenda in the UK, and it’s even more unlikely that anyone is sitting in their parliamentary office right now wondering about how to have more progressive drug laws.

The thing is though, chaotic political times allow new ideas to come to the surface. If we really wanted to, and we had the right people, now is the time to start really working on having the UK catch up with the rest of the world, and even over taking them. 

June 26, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

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