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While weed is still completely illegal across the UK, for those aged under eighteen, the purchase of alcohol is also illegal. There will be those whose parents will buy them alcohol whenever they want (obviously within reason) but most will either completely refuse or only buy on occasion. If you grow up in a city, there will quite obviously be a much larger population and therefore more people who you can proposition to buy alcohol for you, whereas in a small town,whilst you can do this, you will be likely to know a lot of the people available and they will probably flat-out refuse. So in a roundabout way, obtaining marijuana can be easier, at least it was for me, most drug dealers will sell to whoever (again, within reason) as they don’t have any kind of license to lose, unlike pubs, as the core of their work is criminal.

Also in small towns, you will likely have a good number of fields, all within close range as quite obviously your small town is, as its namesake suggests, small making it easier to move from spot to spot. Also, many small towns will be full of PCSO’s as opposed to full-on police officers, meaning that the local constabulary is likely small and understaffed. This, while unfortunate for them, is great for you as it means the likelihood of you being caught with marijuana by police is lowered significantly.

On top of all this, the bond you will forge with the kind of people you’ve huddled around a spliff in tempestuous winds with will likely last a long time. On top of this, when you finally move to the big city, you will be a hardened veteran, who can roll a joint in any condition to the standard of a consummate professional.

August 22, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

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