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With news this week that the NHS is planning on testing its first ever marijuana vaporizers dubbed the ‘Medipen’ which aims to provide the healing properties of marijuana without the side-effect of getting high. Whilst I myself like the idea of both aspects of marijuana, it makes sense that not everyone would like getting stoned, I know it’s hard to imagine but it’s just not for everyone, however, I'm sure people will enjoy the comfort of knowing the undeniable healing properties of cannabis may soon be available on the NHS if in need. The Medipen has been legally available in the UK for a while now, however, the NHS taking notice of the potential benefits is new.

Many, myself included, see this as a massive step forward, maybe people will stop viewing marijuana as a drug and dismissing its healing properties in favour of more research into the plant.

Yet not all are as ecstatic about this news, parenting-themed forum-based website, Mumsnet lit up on Wednesday night with the prospect of medical marijuana being available in the UK looming. In a post titled ‘I’m scared of NHS giving weed to my little ones’ user Stepawayfromthesocket expressed a mix of anger and fear for her child’s safety in the event of the Medipen being available on the NHS, saying, “I’m worried that by the time my two bundles of joy grow up, marijuana mania will grip our country,” following up by asking, “How will anyone work if everyone is stoned?” What followed was hysteria incited by a plethora of parents all seemingly outraged at the thought of their kids vaping.

Most users failed to realise that if NHS were to implement the Medipen, it would not have the intoxicating effects of cannabis, therefore not everyone would be stoned, and therefore work would likely carry on as usual. This did not deter determined mums however, as one user, Debbieyouregettingfat, exclaimed, “Medical Marijuana?? Not for my healthy kids thanks,” the irony of which is not lost on me, however like a white knight, user Tieyourlaces retorted, “Why would they need medical marijuana if they were perfectly healthy?” My thoughts exactly Tie and another user named Whatareyoudoingwiththatpillow seems to agree as well, this is a clear case of logic going out of the window and being replaced by sheer panic, a sentiment that will no doubt be echoed by many others across the nation.

August 19, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

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