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When news broke the other day that 27-year-old Brit Dan Davidson had spent in excess of £20,000 to look like a marijuana nug, many were not only shocked but also somewhat disgusted at the outrageous amount of money Davidson had spent on this bizarre venture.

Now, we’ll let you be the judge on whether he’s nailed the look or not, just look at the pic above, do you think he succeeded?

Well personally I don’t think he did really, I mean I’ll give him credit for getting the color right and also for looking like a plant sort of.

Davidson definitely looks like vegetation, however, he does look a lot more like the DC Comics character Swamp Thing as opposed to a nugget of marijuana. In fact if you were to put that photograph of him alongside pictures of Swamp Thing from Wes Craven’s 1982 film adaption, you’d probably be hard-pressed to spot the difference.

Davidson took to ITV’s Good Morning to defend himself, saying, “Obviously I know I don’t look convincing enough to be put in a grinder then smoked in a joint, yet, I still have miles to go before I’m satisfied with my appearance and more money to pump into this dream of mine.”

After a series of jokes verging on insults from the show's host, Davidson appeared to have had enough, jabbing the host with scathing barbs relating to his credibility when talking about marijuana and also his opinionated, bully-ish interviewing style. After saying his peace Davidson proceeded to walk off the set, vowing never to return.

September 30, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

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