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Levi Mcallister, of Southampton, has claimed that for the past few years he has avoided certain tasks by using the excuse that he was ‘too tired’ or ‘just tired’ when pressed if there were something wrong with him. However, he has now admitted that he was really just stoned and just didn’t want the hassle of doing the task he were asked to do. Now, among the stoner community, this is not uncommon, but for many years it has been a solid excuse which can be tricky for people to disprove. Now that the cat is out of the bag, however, will this mean all us stoners will not be able to use such an excuse?

Perhaps this is the case, maybe we will have to come up with another excuse, perhaps invent an illness or identify one which may produce similar symptoms to simply being stoned. So yeah, way to go Levi, thanks for ruining it for the good guys. This information leak may not go unpunished, however, with rumors of a secret cadre of stoners gathering to discuss whether Mr Mcallister should be able to purchase weed in the future.

If it were to be the case, this would set a precedent for other stoners, warning them that coming clean and revealing certain ‘stoner-hacks’ or ‘life-hacks’ will not go without consequences. These sorts of things could threaten our very way of life, and should not be taken lightly. The moral of the story is the words ‘because I got high’ should remain lyrics to a song and not an excuse to your employer.

October 14, 2016 by Gareth Arnold


Mr T Booie

Mr T Booie said:

Right on! The story of my life.. You need to control your mind or it controls you. If your stoned all the time and make excuses to put things off, your suffering from guilt. So practically if your stoned all the time and put things off all the time, then you are suffering all the time. I’ve found 2 solutions to this: 1) Get it done then reward yourself stoned silly, or 2) Get stoned and immediately do what you have to do. (Why? Because you will never ever get stoned, sit there and think about your task at hand, and be like ‘yeah.. i actually feel like doing some physically or mentally energy sapping out of comfort zone hard labour right now’). When you get sh*t done, your f$%^n happy, so get sh*t done and stop giving productive stoners and bad name.

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