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Now, I realise the title of this post may seem pretty vague, and that is somewhat intentional, to be as general as possible with the title to reiterate that marijuana could be a solution to many of the problems in the world. Obviously, this article is in some way facetious, as I realise marijuana is not the solution to everything, however, it can solve some problems and would be ideal in remedying others.

Marijuana is intrinsically linked with peace, and peace is something the world needs right now, after a continual rise in violence over the past few years. While it would not heal this alone, you can’t help but feel that if marijuana were more popular than other intoxicants such as alcohol, there may be less violence. After all, a drunken brawl is much more common than a stoned scrap.

On top of the intoxicating effects of marijuana, there is also the proven healing properties of cannabinoids which are seemingly neglected by many medical bodies. However recently the NHS in Britain has decided to begin testing a CBD vaporizer with hopes of implementing it into their service where needed. This would offer the UK a more natural treatment for illness, and open up more doors in cannabis research and developments of future medicines.

Overall while cannabis may not be the solution to everything, it may go a way to healing a lot of this country’s ailments  as well as potentially the problems of others. Therefore I would consider it of great benefit to many to begin accepting marijuana more as a serious healer as opposed to simply a drug.

September 13, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

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