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I’m not imagining any particular PM, more of a hypothetical situation based more upon the status and role of being PM. However it would be  somewhat hilarious to imagine Teresa May blazing a fat one before post-Brexit negotiations with powerful world leaders, it would certainly ease her nerves I imagine.

In hindsight it would also be funny to imagine former PM Dave Cameron (can I call you Dave?) chonging a few zoots off, in all fairness it would be how I’d deal with the mass population learning I’d put my penis in a pig's mouth when I was younger (disclaimer: I haven’t myself  and also I’m still ‘younger’) but also the stain on his reputation that was Brexit would probably drive me towards harder drugs, or alternately make me laugh and remember that I still had loads of money but didn’t have the burden of being Prime Minister.

Perhaps with Cameron’s predecessor, Gordon Brown,  it would be hard to tell if he was stoned or not as he was less competent than Tsar Nicholas II when it came to squandering his power and position.

Blundering oafs aside, on a more serious note it would be kind of cool if we had a PM who was open about his cannabis habit, however, unlikely this is, as it would do wonders to the stigma surrounding marijuana. I don’t think England is quite ready for a stoner as PM but I think the world, in general, could do with a couple more chilled out, liberal leaders craving crisps and pizza as opposed to power.

September 21, 2016 by Gareth Arnold

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